Kim Kardashian V. Amy Schumer: Princess Leia Showdown In Bikini

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It’s a sexy Princess Leia showdown! While our favorite funny gal, Amy Schumer, suited up in the iconic costume she’s actually not the first to suit up in the sizzling look — reality queen Kim Kardashian donned the get-up, also for a photo shoot — but who wore it better? VOTE!

Now this is what I call a futuristic fashion faceoff! We cannot get enough of Amy Schumer‘s, 34, sexy, Star Wars-themed shoot in GQ, where the star poses topless in bed with R2-D2 and suits up in a slew of Princess Leia’s iconic costumes — but nothing is as memorable as her brown bikini, which she rocked on the cover of the magazine’s annual comedy issue.

Amy is bringing it in the look on the cover as she poses with C-3PO’s finger in her mouth — would you expect anything else from the star? Her blonde locks are woven into a braid as she sports luscious lashes. While we can’t get enough of her hysterical take, she obviously wasn’t the first celeb to recreate the futuristic princess get-up — after all, stars have been recreating the looks from the iconic film series for years!

Our favorite reality TV queen, master selfie taker Kim Kardashian, 34, donned the look in a scene from her family’s reality show as the cameras accompanied her on set at one of her many sexy photo shoots. With her dark hair tied up in Leia’s signature style, she looked like a sexy version of the character while flaunting her bare midriff in front of the camera.

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Who rocked the Princess Leia look better?
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Who do you think rocked the Princess Leia look better? Did Kim totally dominate the futuristic trend or is Amy’s sexy, hysterical version the one you love?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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